City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Belisle, Deanne Daleen (Polson)F19432018Y
Gayer, Douglas James "Doug"M19592018Y
Buller, Kim Marie (Lewis)F19602018Y
Weyand, Arnold LoydM19222018Y
Huff, Patsy J. (Moser)F19322018Y
Twaddle, Martha Sopie (Boege)F19242018Y
Barnthson, Patricia Bernadine Anne "Pat" (Schwartz)F19282018
Dent, Bonnie Jean (Parker)F19542018Y
Jackson, Gladys I. (Luft)F19182018Y
Loges, Dorinda Sue (Brown)F19612018Y
Copeland, Richard Jay "Rick"M19602018Y
Greenwood, Lloyd Keith "Keith"M19242018Y
Bell, Ellen June (Fletcher)F19202018Y
Nutter, James Franklin "Jimmy"M19272018
Pauls, Lorene Ellen "Rene" (Toews)F19362018Y
Anderson, Marybeth Mae "Betts" (Kaufman)F19392018Y
Stucky, Martin D.M19282018
Margreiter, Carol J. (Price)F19352018Y
Larson, Zeb A.M19792018Y
Eis, Myrna M. (Nelson)F19372018Y
Chlumsky, Donald Arvene "Don"M19332018
Steffes, Donald Clarence "Don"M19302018
Decker, Allan YoungM19542018
Martinez, Ramon T.M19332018Y
Karraker, Clifford EarlM19292018Y


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