City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Baldwin, Julie Ann (Collins)F19472017Y
Schmeiser, Delbert WayneM19392017Y
Schroeder, Kaiden MichaelM20052017Y
Fiedler, Anthony C., Jr. "Tony"M19512017Y
Eckroth, Sharon Ann "Shari" (Hoffman)F19402017Y
Griffiths, Cleo Wanita (Schultz)F19242017Y
Smith, Larry DeanM19372017Y
Christensen, Charlotte Anne (Alexander)F19382017Y
Koehn, Wilma Jean (Koehn)F19342017Y
Gillette, Eloise Kathleen "Weezy"F19462017
Kramer, Hazel Mae (Hill)F19192017Y
Moller-Little, LeAnna F. (Hein)F19132017
Smith, Dustin WayneM19842017Y
Hudson, Carol Louise (Hurt)F19382017Y
Schrag, Harold RoyM19312017
Becker, Linda Jane (Swank)F19402017Y
Tisdale, Emma Jean (Conley)F19372017Y
Rodgers, Mary Janice (Mathes)F19362017Y
Martinez, Richard Kevin IIM19982017Y
Brown, George DuaneM19342017Y
Gillis, William Arthur "Bill"M19342017
Stratton, Bonnie June (Humphrey)F19242017Y
Rue, Sarah Albertine "Albertine" (Inman)F19332017Y
Brunk, Dennis N. "Denny"M19502017Y
Moyer, Mark E.M19592017

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