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Cemetery Burial Records

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Geist, Barbara Sue "Barb" (Borth)F19552018Y
Winslow, Carroll DeanM19262018Y
Moyer, Donald Eugene "Don"M19312018Y
Korte, Clay EdwardM19242018Y
Urquiola, Stephen KentM19652018Y
Belisle, Bradley RichardM19652018Y
Adams, Shirley K (Williams)F19442018Y
Presley, Lorena Ardis (Perry)F19242018Y
Connor, Michael SelmanM19482018Y
Burkholder, Annona Maybelle "Anne" (Baxter)F19302018Y
Nutter, Vanetta Lee (Linsenmayer)F19272018Y
Rinker, Marjorie A. "Marge" (Jones)F19302018Y
Bailey, Betty A. (McLarin)F19342018Y
Hall, Charles RobertM19342018Y
Carlson, Walter VanceM19252018
Rickner, D. KeithM19282018Y
Jones, Laurie AnnF19542018
Melroy, Gary LynnM19522018Y
Ayers, Donald Turner "Donnie"M19452018Y
Klatt, Carlene L. (Kopelk)F19322018Y
Johnson, Loren LeeM19312018Y
Versch, Virgil FrancisM19282018Y
Krause, Randel L. "Randy"M19542018Y
Leach, Jane Louise (Riddell)F19212018Y
Wagoner, Deborah Sue (Hoffman)F19552018Y


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