City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Kubin, Douglas Martin "Doug"M19442019Y
Starr, William Ellsworth "Bud"M19272019Y
Dorothy Jeanne, Leicht (Ballinger)F19262019Y
Kaufman, Martha (Juhnke)F19282019Y
Peterson, Linda Marie (Grant)F19442019Y
Otte, John MarvinM19392019Y
Davis, Allison Francis "Al"M19422019Y
Peer, Sandra Kay "Sandy" (Becker)F19532019Y
Rott, Rita Leona (Chaput)F19292019Y
Hanna, Ida Mae (Gerber)F19262019Y
Lucht, Cory GaleM19822019Y
Yianakopulos, Trenton AndrewM20002019Y
Harwick, Lucille (Hein)F19302019Y
Garrelts, Lois Ann (Hahn)F19332019Y
Weems, Ethel Jane (Holbrook)F19342019Y
Boswell, Norma Grant (Griebel)F19242019Y
Kean, Cara Lou (Sheets)F19302019Y
Mitchell, Virginia Irene (Hedlund)F19212019Y
Khalaf, Mary Elizabeth (Freeman)F19552019
Rickner, Mary Jane (Hardwick)F19242019Y
Smith, Billy Joe, Jr.M19652019Y
Laird, Robert E. "Bob"M19312019Y
William, Lena (Wedel)F19232019Y
Jacobs, Nicholas James Gerard "Nick"M19932019Y
Goscha, Michael Roger "Mike"M19452019Y


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