City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Mines, Keith GeorgeM19302021Y
Jakabosky, Bonnie Beth (Burnette)F19492021Y
Casebeer, Dorothy Opal (Becker)F19212021Y
Kenton, Mary Lois (Stansel)F19212021Y
Patrick, Virginia Lee (Peterson)F19402021Y
Hess, George Dick "Dick"M19282021Y
Suenram, Thomas WadeM19542021
Rivera, Tina Louise (Hubbard)F19582021Y
Duren, Robert Lee "Bob"M19352021Y
Wallace, Patricia Sue "Sue" (Landers)F19392021Y
Wise, Robert W. "Bob"M19342021Y
Chandler, Velma L. (McPherson)F19342020Y
Schulz, Ricky Lee "Rick"M19562020Y
Johnson, Jordan Nicole (Walker)F19912020Y
Walker, Carolyn MarieF19312020Y
Wagoner, Arthur Paul "Paul"M19282020Y
Lowrey, Dolores MarlynF19312020Y
Kraus, Arlys Anita (Holler)F19412020Y
Goad, Sandra Marie "Sandy"F19582020Y
Caywood, Lois ElaineF19372020Y
Lehner, Donna Sue (Moore)F19422020Y
Regier, Charles Edmond "Charlie"M19282020Y
Bautista-Lopez, Bonifacio "Boni"M19682020
Atkinson, Miinie Elizabeth (Chalmers)F19282020Y
Dossett, Vernon Lee "Vern"M19352020Y


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