City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Reinecker, Gene HaydenM19272019Y
Waner, Valeta Gay "Vee" (Fernberg)F19452019Y
Schafer, Gregg DarenM19692019Y
Wilson, William Dean "Bill"M19312019Y
Blake, Evelyn Diane (Carpenter)F19552019Y
Ediger, Gleneice Euleen (Powers)F19312019Y
Mann, Anna J. (Asbury)F19482019Y
Lindholm, Keri Susan (Hickey)F19652019Y
Gayer, Lawrence E. "Larry"M19242019
Scott, Maxine Faye (Kalm)F19402019Y
Heckethorn, Alice Mae (Kerneghan)F19352019Y
Wingrove, Kelly ScottM19622019Y
Hudson, Ashley AnnF19902019
Fitzmorris, Charlene Marie (Moriarty)F19432019Y
Kail, Shawn ChristopherM19722019Y
Gustafson, Carl MartinM19192019
Dalke, Lucile Agnes (Richardson)F19242019
Yarborough, Roger AllenM19612019
Kubin, Douglas Martin "Doug"M19442019Y
Starr, William Ellsworth "Bud"M19272019
Dorothy Jeanne, Leicht (Ballinger)F19262019Y
Kaufman, Martha (Juhnke)F19282019
Peterson, Linda Marie (Grant)F19442019Y
Otte, John MarvinM19392019
Davis, Allison Francis "Al"M19422019Y


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