City of McPherson, Kansas

Cemetery Burial Records

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Frazier, Patricia Lynn "Pat" (Kingsbury)F19332020Y
Zeek, NeidaVonne (Broadbent)F19312020Y
Peterson, Fred E.M19422020Y
Stout, Jimmy Galen WayneM19462020Y
Koehn, Shirley Maude (Mathes)F19372020Y
Harris, Donald Eugene "Don"M19382020Y
Clements, Marlene Joyce (Mountz)F19342020Y
Pfalzgraf, Patricia J. "Pat" (Brown)F19342020Y
Sammer, Susanne (Bryant)F19502020Y
Slechta, Danny John "DJ"M19542020Y
Peterson, Tilly H. (Wegener)F19262020Y
Kenney, Virginia Louise (Borth)F19322020Y
Embers, Robert GeneM19292020Y
Redger, Lorenz Glen "Curly"M19302020Y
Cody, Nikki Lee (Bland)F19542020Y
Ryan, Gerald W. "Jerry"M19302020Y
Blair, Barbara Jeane (Nelson)F19232020Y
Lindblade, Rosellen Maria (Straka)F19342020Y
Trevino, Donna JoanF19382020Y
Garhart, Nancy J. (Hull)F19372020Y
Montgomery, Harold ClaytonM19272020Y
Fiedler, Roger GerardM19522020Y
Jones, Velma L. (Rickner)F19322020
Farmer, Richard Shane "Rich"M19572020
Wash, Wanda Marie (Rounds)F19322020Y


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