Abel, Bessie M.18891972Block1212
Abel, Clinton O. F.18661892Block125
Abel, Gertrude18691951Block121
Abel, Ida F.18741888Block124
Abel, Josephine E.18701958Block126
Abel, Leland J.1997YMausoleum00251
Abel, Orie J.18871960Block1211
Abel, Sarah Catherine18421919Block122
Abel, Silas Harvey18411913Block123
Abercrombie, Arthur L.M1881Block618W
Abercrombie, Charles M.M1883Block618E
Abercrombie, Eva B.F1884Block615
Abercrombie, Helen Lola19151915Block19192
Abercrombie, Hensley Lusley1940NBlock191911
Abercrombie, Isabella18231915Block19198
Abercrombie, Myrtle Hortence18811923Block19193
Abercrombie, Ralph1896NBlock617
Abercrombie, Thomas18151889Block19197
Abercrombie, Thomas Russell18891928Block191912
Abraham, Louella GraceF19061984Block46A610
Abraham, Vernon LeRoyM19041980Block46A69
Achenbach, Bessie Sue19311986Block22A95
Adams, Anna Belle (Durham)F19322012Block43208
Adams, C.W., Dr.1882Block2059
Adams, Catherine H.18331916Block2057
Adams, Earle EldenM19292018Block43207W
Adams, Earle Jay18901967Block43206
Adams, Earnest, Jr.19201940SectionF22
Adams, Ira D.18941926Block43204
Adams, James H.18301891Block2058

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