Allen, Edward J.18811947SectionE97
Allen, EthelF1967NBlock44208
Allen, Eugene Joseph1936Block462010
Allen, Helen Lucile19261945SectionC258
Allen, Herman C.M18751951Block44207
Allen, Infant1902NBlock16171-12
Allen, Infant1892NBlock18711
Allen, Infant Son1891NBlock18710
Allen, Jesse Law1928SectionA217
Allen, Larry A.19342001Block14A91
Allen, Lee Bryant18841957SectionC257
Allen, Louis Vernon19121947SectionB232
Allen, Louisa R.1879Block1192
Allen, Lura EllenF18791958Block3658
Allen, Norman1874Block11912
Allen, Oscar W. "Bill"19472003Block25C32
Allen, Roy R.M19452016Block10D29
Allen, Steven L.19702002Block14A94E
Allen, Wade W.1960SectionA212
Allerton, Jody K. (Adams)19581997Block30812
Allison, Adelle F.F18631941Block44203-4
Allison, Benjamin AlexM18531930Block44204-5
Allison, Claudia Jo (Stump)F19312013Block2952
Allison, Courtney JonM19632015Block3277
Allison, Delmar E.19241976Block22912
Allison, Douglas K. KeithM19571993Block2954
Allison, Elizabeth DeaneF20112011Block2A29
Allison, Geo. Lenoir, Jr.1921Block17179
Allison, George L.18891967Block17177
Allison, George W.18511925Block171710

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